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Health Plan

We offer a group health plan to its members which includes a health plan (visual and dental included),
a Life Insurance/Death Benefit and Accidental Death & Dismemberment.

What is a deductible: Health: $600 Dental: $75

We hereby inform you that your coverage under the B.U.T Medical plan was renewed for the year 2023.

Effective 01st July 2023, the annual deductible was increased from $500.00 to
$650.00 (Under 35) and $600.00 to $850.00 (35 & over).

In addition, the premium rates were increased as seen here.

The Barbados Union of Teachers offers a group health plan to its members which includes a health plan (visual and dental included), a Life Insurance/Death Benefit and Accidental Death & Dismemberment.

The plan covers the following:

  • Health Insurance – $1,000,000. Paid claims are deducted from the million-dollar amount.
  • Life Insurance/Death Benefit – $22,700 At age 66 it reduces by 50% and ceases at age 70.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment  Accidental Death is paid if life is loss due to an accident. The policy is terminated at age 66. Dismemberment benefit is paid if you lose two limbs and or body parts. E.g. an eye and an arm, two legs.

A deductible is the amount that the insurer pays before claims can be paid. Deductibles are as follows:

Health – $650 (Under 35 years)

Health – $850 (35 years and Over)

Dental – $50

Eye (Under 35) – $35

Eye (Over 35) – No deductible

Co-insurance is the percentage that the insurer pays. 65% is paid by Sagicor, the Co-insurer is responsible for 35%.

A double policy plan is one which includes the following:

Insurer and spouse

Insurer and child

The plan is an international plan as well.

To get coverage you will be required to call the number at the back of your insurance card.

The agent will give you instructions on the medical care provider that is closest to your location to assist you with seeking medical attention.

Yes you can.

If you required a procedure that is not offered here or simply u00a0prefer to have it done overseas, the plan covers that as it is an international plan as well.

You will be required to produce a letter from your General Practitioner and a Specialist.

You will also need to provide a quote of the cost of the medical procedure from either the doctor overseas or the hospital.

If the procedure is offered in Barbados it will still be covered overseas however, reimbursement will be paid as if it was done in Barbados.

A family policy includes three or more persons which include the insured, spouse and dependent children.

Children are covered up to the age of 19.

However, children are covered up to age 25 as long as they are in a recognized university or college.

Health claims can be claimed immediately.

Dental and Vision can be claimed three months after activation of the plan.

Yes, it does. However, it only covers the insurer.

Under 35 – $185

Over 34 – $75

Eye Plan (Under Age 35) – $600

This includes eye exam, lenses and frames.

Yes it is. The following test/exams are covered:

Pap smears – $65

Mammogram (40 years+) – $125

Prostate Exams (40 years+) – $40

E. C.G. (40 years +) – $60

Baby Immunization (under age 5) $100

Yes. It covers the following:

  • Pre-natal visits – $1200
  • Regular Delivery – $2500
  • C- Section – $3000
  • Miscarriage – $1200


*The plan changes to a post-natal plan and is dependent on the type of delivery the mother had.

Our members are made up of many different sections in the education sector including teachers from Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Private and Vocational institutions.

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