About B.U.T


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The Barbados Union of Teachers is a trade union which was established in May 1974. On June 29, a special General Meeting ratified the BUT’s new constitution, trade union registration was achieved on August 2, 1974, and Government recognised the Union as the sole bargaining agency for teachers in the Public Service on September 5, 1974.

The main activities organized by B.U.T. Professional Development

  • Training workshops, seminars and conferences are organised on a regular basis to provide teachers with opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge in areas such as Special Education, Reading, Classroom Management, and Women’s Affairs, etc.
  • The Union has entered into an arrangement with Union College of New York whereby members participate in an exchange programme. BUT members are offered one year scholarships to compete Masters programmes in areas such as Reading, Mathematics, Science and Special education. Ten-week scholarships are also offered.
  • Until recently basic computer courses were offered to members by BUT.

The main activities of the union

  • The Annual General Conference which is held in April and Teachers Week which is held in October. The highlight of Teachers’ Week is the John Cumberbatch Memorial Lecture.
  • Additionally, the Union in partnership with the National Sports Council stages the National Primary School Athletic Championships (NAPSAC) annually from February to March.
  • The Union organises an annual Christmas Function for its retired members.
  • The Union organises professional development workshops for its members.

Social and welfare

  • Organisation of Teachers Week activities namely the President’s Reception for stewards and specially invited guests.
  • Organisation of an annual function for retired members of the union.
  • There is currently a Student Leaders Congress. Students from various secondary schools are involved in the planning of programmes; discussion of topical issues and current developments affecting them; visiting of shut-in members of the community and other social and welfare activities.


  • Teams sponsored by BUT compete in hockey, volleyball, cricket and dominoes.
  • The BUT organises the annual Primary Schools Athletic Championships


  • Activities in this area include: karaoke sessions, a revival of a teacher 2019 choir and the planning of a calypso workshop.